Basic Technician Certificate in Customs and Tax Management (CCTM)

This programme is competence-based developed in accordance with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) requirements focusing to facilitate students’ acquisition of specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the labour market for holders of this qualification.

The objective of the programme is to promote skills among learners in social sciences and allied courses. It is intended to produce persons who will assist in clearing and forwarding of goods, tax management and record keeping.


Duration of the Programme

The programme duration is twelve (12) months.

Programme Structure

The programme contains fourteen (14) modules which are spread over two semesters of seventeen (17) weeks each.  A semester has 15 weeks of instruction and study and two (2) weeks for semester examinations. A Basic Certificate programme is required to have a minimum of 120 credits. This particular programme has a total of 123 credits..

 Modules for Basic Technician Certificate in Customs and Tax Management (CCTM) – NTA 4

Modules for NTA Level 4

Semester 1


Semester 2






TST 04101

Introduction to Taxation


CST 04208

Elements of Freight Logistics

GST 04102

Elements of Data Processing


GST 04209

Elements of Office Management

GST 04103

Basic Communication skills


TST 04210

Book Keeping

GST 04104

Elements of Business Mathematics


CST 04211

Elements of Customs Enforcement

CST 04105

Elements of Customs Law and Administration


TST 04212

Elements of Tax Administration and Ethics

GST 04106

Elements of Commerce


GST 04213

Basic Life Skills

GST 04107

Elements of Business Law