Prof. Isaya Jairo

Deputy Rector (Academic Research and    Consultancy)

Dr. Lewis Ishemoi

Deputy Rector (Planning, Finance and  Administration)

Mr. Emmanuel Masalu

Head of Students Affairs


Head of Postgraduate Studies

Mr. Praygod Chao

Head of Research and Consultancy

Mr. Joseph Chikongoye

Head of Customs Studies

Mr. Ahmad Mohammed

Head of General Studies

 Mr.Phillip Mbati

Head of Tax Studies

Dr. Heriel Nguvava

Head of Short Courses

Dr. Amos Ibrahim

Head of Admission, Registration and Examinations

Mr. Justin Musa

Head of Library Services

Mr. Ibrahim Mshighati

Head of Planning and Management Systems

Mr. Ryoba Mzalendo

Head of Financial Services

Mr. Charles Lugemalila

Head of Human Resources

Mr. Bilal S Mshoro

Head of Procurement and Logistics

Ms. Juliana Musomi

Head of Public Relations

Ms. Oliver Njunwa

Head of Estates

Ms. Joyce Mwaifuge

Head of Information and Communication Technology

Mr. Evance M Leonard